Akrapovic Evolution Line titanium BMW S1000 RR and M 2019- ongoing S-B10E10-APLT

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Akrapovic Evolution Line full racing exhaust system from titanium (4-2-1 without catalytic converter and exhaust valves), muffler also with titanium sleeve
Akrapovic item-no.: S-B10E10-APLT 
Fits for: 
- BMW S 1000 RR 2019- ongoing
- BMW M 1000 RR 2021- ongoing
Fits also to: 
- BMW S 1000 R 2021- ongoing
BMW M 1000 R 2021- ongoing
You can mount and drive this exhaust system "plug and play" . We recommend by installing the this evolution system to remapping the ECU in order to prevent "check engine light" warning signal. Further you achieve optimized performance and Throttle response.
The titanium manifold will change its colour a little to blue, as far as the exhaust has been driven.
  • Plus 8,5 PS (according to Akrapovic, Maximalwert, depending on revs
  • 6,7 kg less weight
  • muffler sleeve out of titanium
  • muffler end cap made of carbon
  • with connections for serial lambda probe
  • Hexagonal muffler
  • incl. all for mounting needed small parts (springs, screws, etc.)
  • with installation guide
  • with carbon fibre muffler bracket if passenger footrest are removed 
  • without noise reduction insert (V-TUV111) and carbon carbon heat shield (P-HSB10E3) - please order separate
  • without catalytic converter and exhaust valves 
  • without approval for official use on public roads 

Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust systems are exact the same like the ones are used in close to serial setting racing categories (e.g. BSB, IDM, FIM Superstock, etc.). Evolution Line means at Akrapovic: full racing stuff with top material (titanium manifold). Evolution Line exhaust systems for public roads are additional equipped with catalytic converter, exhaust valves, different mapping, and / or db-eater.

Akrapovic Racing Line exhaust systems are identic to Evolution Line systems, but one difference: the manifold is out of stainless steel (instead of titanium). The power measures are the same, but the weight is about 1 - 2 kg more (depends on model). 

Akrapovic the last decades developed an outstanding position on the market for racing exhaust systems. Regarding the on racetrack relevant characteristics (power, power modulation in relevant revs, weight and quality) they always outperform their competitors.


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Akrapovic heat shield BMW S1000 RR, M 2019- ongoing (P-HSB10E3) Akrapovic heat shield BMW S1000 RR, M 2019- ongoing (P-HSB10E3)
129.00 € *
Akrapovic Noise Reduction Insert BMW S 1000 RR and M 2019- V-TUV111 Akrapovic Noise Reduction Insert BMW S 1000 RR and M 2019- V-TUV111
49.90 € *
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