Tips & Tricks

            Motorcycling on closed racetracks might be one of the most challenging, complex and for those reasons one of the most versatile and interesting sport at all. To be fast on racetrack and specially for a race victory many factors from different sources, including their often hidden interdependencies play an equal role.
From a general perspective you will find three absolut relevant key factors:
1. Your personal constitution
2. Your mental capability
3. Your bike

At BAZÄNG our passion is to improve your bike for racetrack and races. Especially in Supersport and Superbike classes (600 - 1000 ccm).
Unfortunately the simple mount of tuning parts to your bike will not inevitable cause better lap times. Below (t.b.d.) and in our newsletters we want to discuss technical basics, their interdependencies and the requirements for an optimised use of our products.