SBS 785 Racing Sinter brake pads for A.P. Racing CP4488

Product no.: 19102135


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One Set (two single pads) for one caliper. You need two sets for a full exchange.

Thickness complete: 9.5 mm; height x width: 76,3 x 39,7 mm


​Fits for:

- A. P. Racing CP-4488 two pads radial 4 piston monoblock callipers
For race use only. 
Sinter Racing pads are the classic brake pads for supersport and superbike racing. They were mostly used for trackdays with a streetbike, for practise sessions on the racetrack or for track and road racing. Depending on brake setting and bike they are often choosen by many riders in first place. A little higher wear in comparision to other pads is compensated by a good price-performance ratio. SBS is offering a high level by long time experience in top motorsport classes.
Brake pads are one part of the whole bike setting for the rider. Depending on the rest of the setting, depending on driving skills, depending on budget and intended use, different brake pads may offer the optimum. The differences in possible lap times between from us offered brake pads are to be assumed about a second or less. You find some more difference in wear and price-performance ratio. The individual optimum additionally can strongly depend on the personal feeling for the brake. We suggest therefor to test and use experiences (also from other riders).
Changing pads (short manual / suggestion):
- demount one caliper
- take off the old pads (remove bolts / spring, push out depending on model)
- clean the caliper complete (e.g. with teeth brush an detergent), check wear
- lubrify the pistons with ATE piston paste (e.g. with a 2nd brush)
- push back the pistons
- lubrify the edges and the back side of the pads with copper paste (do not lubrify friction surface)
- put the pads into the caliper like the old ones were in
- assemble the caliper to the bike, check function
- do the same with the 2nd caliper
Optional depending on caliper:
- check wear of bolts and springs, if is: replace
- use ceramic paste instead of copper paste (special calipers according to producer)
Always use fresh brake fluid and take care of a clean brake disk.


Product Note Status Price
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12.90 € *
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Copper paste 100g tube Liqui Moly Copper paste 100g tube Liqui Moly
9.90 € *
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